With favr.tt your recommendations
reward you with real cash
favr.tt is the cash-earning social shopping app for consumers and social influencers that share with their friends and followers the products they love, their recommendations to friends, and the cool stuff that they already have and treasure.
Here’s how the favr.tt magic works
Use favr.tt to find and share the products that you love. It can be something you already have, or a product that you think your friends should check out. It’s easy: scan the barcode, or search for it with keywords and favr.tt will find it.
favr.tt is your tool to express yourself in your own words and tell the world exactly why this or that product rocks your world. No one better than you to let brands know why a product is not only good, but great. Your words, your take, your advice. Go for it and tell it like it is.
favr.tt publishes your recommendation to the social networks that you choose, or sends it by email or text to the friends that you choose. When your recommendation is out there in the world, it becomes a beautiful shop display, not just a Twiiter message. And here’s the most wondrous thing: when someone clicks on it, it turns your recommendation into a link to a shop. It’s social commerce: thanks to you, people will be able to easily get to where amazing products are sold online.
favr.tt turns every one of your recommendations into an opportunity for anyone to buy. favr.tt will reward you with real cash when anyone buys.
favr.tt helps you become a social influencer when others follow your recommendations.
favr.tt is a fantastic place to explore cool products that people are recommending.

Real people, Real recommendations
You already talk about products on Facebook or Twitters. It’s inevitable: there are special products that we truly love or are experts in. Sometimes a friend will ask you to recommend which product you use because they value your expertise. All of this is already happening to many of us out there. With favr.tt, your recommendation becomes magically into a link to the shop where stuff can be bought. That’s the novelty.
People love brands so much that they are more than just consumers: they are Brand Ambassadors
It takes years of “trial and tested” purchases until one gets the right product that totally amazes us. And you know what? No marketing message can beat your true recommendation because you are the one that your friends trust. That’s why your opinion is honest and when you write “I love this brand”, we know it’s for real. That’s why favr.tt rewards you with cash: so you can go and be free yo spend it in whichever way you want. No vouchers, no coupons. Total freedom.

Brands that people are recommending on favr.tt
Apple Boots Converse Dove Nike Prada Dr Dre Beats Samsung Puma Armani Loreal Vans Garnier Lynx Nivea Wilson Yamaha
This is what people saying about favr.tt
Favr.tt looks and sounds like a good idea. it “monetises peer-2-many” recommendations and may well amplify social influence for brands
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gabriel lindsay
Gabriel Lindsay
Already earned over £10 just from doing my regular internet shopping!
jake hewkin
Jake Hewkin
Earn money when people buy stuff you recommend - it's that easy! Do it now!!!
Katie Windsor
Katie Windsor
It goes with me everywhere, when I find something cool I just scan and share it with my friends. I make a little extra cash right there.
Katie Windsor
Rachel Y
What a brilliant app! I can recommend great products to my friends & get rewarded when they buy. So easy!
Kevin O'Flynn
Kevin O'Flynn
Best app ever I’m hooked
Frequently asked question
What kind of products can I recommend?
You can recommend products that you already have, or products that you think you’ll friends would like to buy, or even products that you’d like to have yourself in the future.
How do I find the products on favr.tt?
If you already have the product that you want to write about, just scan its barcode or take a picture of it and then search for it on the search box. If you don’t have the product but want to recommend it anyways, just type its name on the search box and favr.tt will find it.
What if the search results are not the right exact product?
Sometimes product databases only have certain product ranges. So if you want to recommend Nike trainers in general, choose any of the search results showing a Nike model. It is all about your message.
Sometimes my friends tell me that the online shop has run out of stock.
Sadly popular products fly off the shelves, but a good thing to try is to search for the product again on the retailer’s website. Sometimes it is just a colour or size the one they have run out of, and one can still buy a similar one from the same brand.
Can I buy my own recommendations?
If you use favr.tt to buy your own recommendations, favr.tt will not reward you. We reward you for recommending to others. Please do read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policies to be uptodate with how to use favr.tt in detail.
Can I buy other people’s products on favr.tt?
Absolutely. You can use favr.tt not just to recomend products to your friends and followers, but also to follow other people’s recommendations and to discover new exciting products.
Why should I use favr.tt?
favr.tt is useful in three ways: if a friend asks you to recommend a product, with favr.tt you automatically publish to your Facebook Wall or Twitter feed or you can email specific friends privately and if they want to buy, the link will direct them to an only shop without having to search for it. If you love brands or want to keep up with what’s cool, the favr.tt community is constantly sharing excellent recommendations worth knowing about.
Can I use favr.tt to discover cool products?
Absolutely. favr.tt offers many ways in which you can discover not just products that you are into, but people that know a lot about certain categories and who you may be interested in following.